Grow turmeric and increase your bank balance, Earn INR 500K in 1 acres with an investment of INR 400K in 9 acres


We see ads on TV in which actress and models are promoting fairness creams in which they say turmeric(haldi) is present. People see models and buy those creams but they forget about turmeric.

खेती की ख़बरें अब मोबाइल पर पाना और भी हुआ आसान, डाउनलोड करें किसानख़बर की नई एप जिसमें है किसानों की लगभग हर समस्या का समाधान

Companies earn crores by selling creams in name of turmeric. Farmers are also earning profits from turmeric farming.
Figures for turmeric-
• India is the leading producer of turmeric, and it is used more here.
• 70% turmeric is produced in Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Telangana.
• According to report, 100gm of turmeric is consumed by 1 person.
Investment and profit-

खेती की ख़बरें अब मोबाइल पर पाना और भी हुआ आसान, डाउनलोड करें किसानख़बर की नई एप जिसमें है किसानों की लगभग हर समस्या का समाधान

According to India agriculture research institute advisor, Narsaiah mamidala, turmeric farming is done in 2 ways. Investment is according to types of farming.
• Drip system
• Without drip farming
Narsaiah says for good production drip system should be used but investment increases. Extra Rs.40,000 is spent on a drip system but turmeric production also increases and once drip is installed it works for 5 years.
• Investment of Rs. 40,000 to Rs. 60,000 is needed.
• Around 80 to 90 ton of dry turmeric is produced when farming is done in a simple way.
• When drip system is used around 100 to 150-ton raw turmeric is produced.
• 30 to 35-ton dry turmeric is produced in simple farming.
• 40 to 50-ton dry turmeric is produced in drip farming.
• In the market, Price of dry turmeric is Rs.8,000 to Rs. 11,000.
• Price of Raw turmeric is Rs. 5000 to Rs. 7,000.
• Raw turmeric gives Rs. 4lakh to Rs. 5lakh per acre
• Dry turmeric gives Rs. 3lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakh
A market for turmeric-

Turmeric is not only used in spices it is also used as medicines. Curcuma ingredient is taken out from turmeric, it is used for curing cancer, stomach problem and ulcer.
It is also used as antiseptic. It also used for making creams. Its market is very big-
• It is used in foods, medicines, creams and beauty products.
• Turmeric is used in making ayurvedic creams.
• VICO turmeric was the first cream which used turmeric but now fair and lovely is also using it in its creams.
• Many face packs are also having turmeric nowadays. A market for turmeric is increasing because it is used in different things.
Seeds for farming
Narsaiah Mamidala says for good production seeds selection is very important. 6 quintal seeds are needed in the 1-acre farm. Price of seeds is Rs.3,000 per quintal.
Variety of turmeric-

After turmeric is riped, it is divided into 3 varieties.
• Short term- this variety ready in 7 months.
• Midterm- this variety ready in 8 months.
• Long term- this variety get ready in 9 months
Land selection for farming-
Loam soil is good for turmeric farming. Water facility should be available there. Land should be acidic.
• Turmeric should be sowed between 15 April to the first week of July the areas where water quantity is more.
• It should be sowed in a rainy season, where the water level is low.

• In the month of February, these can be dug.
• When leaves start becoming yellow, then turmeric is ready and can be dug out of the land.
• Plants should be cut first so that they can easily be taken out.
A new variety of turmeric ‘sim pitamber’, which produces more compared to others

Central medicinal and aroma research institute have made the new variety of turmeric, which is produced 2 times more than other variety of turmeric.
According to Sanjay Kumar, a scientist of CMAP turmeric is produced in more than 150000-hectare land. 3 million ton turmeric is produced in India, whose cost is Rs.150. country’s south part (Telangana and Andhra Pradesh) are the leading producers.

खेती की ख़बरें अब मोबाइल पर पाना और भी हुआ आसान, डाउनलोड करें किसानख़बर की नई एप जिसमें है किसानों की लगभग हर समस्या का समाधान

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