Farmers committing suicide in England, Queen is helpless, Why?


England – a country which ruled half of the world. It is the country which looted other countries for centuries and became rich and now Queen of England with her family is living luxuries life with that money.

Believe it or not, but its true. Farmers are committing suicide in England, which is counted in one of the richest country in the world. Today you will see the hidden or less talked truth of England.

खेती से जुड़े रोचक वीडियो देखने और नई चीजें सीखने के लिए Kisan Khabar के Youtube Channel के नीचे दिए गए लाल रंग के बटन पर जरूर क्लिक करें।

कृप्या फेसबुक लाइक बटन पर क्लिक जरूर करें ताकि आपको खेती की अच्छी और काम आने वाली ख़बरें आसानी से फ्री में मिल सकें।

First, have a look at figures.

टेलीग्राम (Telegram) एप पर खेती-बाड़ी की अच्छी और काम आने वाली ख़बरें रोज फ्री में पाने के लिए ग्रुप को ज्वाइन करें।

Statistics on suicide in England and Wales

  • Farmers who are doing suicide are aged between 20 to 34. According to the government, farmers who died were mentally ill and they keep records of suicides according to a profession.
  • ‘Mind your head’ campaign was started on 13 February 2018 for farmers. It was supported by international rugby player Nigel Owens.
  • In the year 2001, 60 lakh animals died due to ‘Foot and mouth’ disease. Due to this farmers suffered a huge loss, until today they are not able to recover from this.
  • Farmers in a country are committing suicide from last 70 years. According to reports, 192 farmers committed suicide in the year 1991.
  • 700 farmers have committed suicide in England and Wales from the year 2004 to 2016.


Method of suicide

29.6 % hanged themselves. Rest 16.4% and 8% died from eating monoxide and poison. Rest 46% died with different methods.

Reasons for suicide in England and Wales

  • A population of England is around 6.5 crores.6,47,700 people do farming but they concentrate more on animals rather than vegetables.
  • In the year 2001, farmers were not given any money, if some were given it was not enough to cover all losses.
  • They suffered huge losses due to this and till today they are unable to recover from all those loses.
  • Farmers don’t get a loan from the government after having acres of land. But they get the loan for cars and houses at 2-3 %.

Why these figures are more as compared to India

There are 2,14,500 farms in England and 34,800 in Wales. In England, each farmer has 217 acres of land and in Wales its 108 acres. And in India, there are only 5% of farmers who have only 5 acres of land. Rest 10% have 2-5 acres of land.

  • In India, farmers have less land so they can’t think of earning more in less land. But in England there is more land according to people then also they are committing suicide.
  • India is developing a country and England is developed then also farmer’s condition is worst.
  • Female farmers are also committing suicide.


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