Chennai boy does farming in the air, earns Rs.4 crores annual


If you think farming can be only done in farms then you are living in big misunderstanding, but after reading this news your misunderstanding will be cleared.

If we say, have you ever seen farming done in the air? No, but today we are going to tell you about farming which is done in the air.

Shriram, a Chennai based guy has started a company for farming in the air which is known as hydroponics. Shriram started a startup for farming without soil and it turnover reached over 4 Crore.

How it started

One day Shriram’s friend told him about farming without soil and showed him a video. Shriram liked this idea so much that he decided to start it as a company.

He started this company with an investment of just 5 Lakhs. Today he is earning around 4 crores yearly.

According to Shriram “I was quietly impressed by this method. For doing farming no soil is needed and this known as hydroponics. I started this in my father’s factory.


A journey from 5 lakhs to 4 crores

According to Shriram, he started this company named ‘future farms’ with 3 friends at just 5 lakh investment. There was space in his father’s factory. There he thought of starting hydroponics farming.

His father had a business of photo developing but after coming of digital photography his factory got shut down. From here future farms started. Today his company’s turnover is 4 crore yearly soon it will have 8 crores possibly.

In the year 2015-2016, company’s turnover was 38 lakhs, but in one year time, it became 2 crores. Company’s work and turnover are increasing by 300 % yearly.

International market

According to transparency market, in 2016 global hydroponics market had USD 693.46 crores (Rs. 45,000 crores) and in 2025 it is predicted that it will reach USD 1,210.63 crore (Rs. 78,500 crores).


For using this technique in 1 acres, Rs. 50 lakhs investment is required. But if you do hydroponic farming at home with 80 square feet area, you would need Rs. 40,000 to 45,000.

160 plants can be planted in 80 square feet area.

Without soil, farming can be done on the roof of a house

In hydroponics technique, herbs are grown without soil. Important protein for plants is directly provided through the water to roots. Plants grow in a pipe which is supported by a multi-layer frame and their roots are left in a pipe which contains water full of protein.

The roof doesn’t have to bear any weight as no soil is used. Roof remains the same and no change is needed as this system is totally different.

Shriram says as the population is increasing day by day farms or say lands will also decrease. So this has more demand in future.


Which farming can be done under this technique

Mostly all types of Flowers, vegetables, herbs, fruits can be grown with hydroponics technique.

Vegetables successfully are grown till now

Tomato, peas, potato, capsicum, basil, chilies, carrot, radish, mint

Fruits are grown

Watermelon, melon, strawberry, pineapple, blueberry, blackberry

Hydroponic system’s important parts

  • Drip system
  • Ebb- flow flood and drain
  • F.T (nutrient film technique)
  • Water culture
  • Aeroponics
  • Wick system

With these 6 systems, the whole process is working on big scale. Many machines are available for small-scale work.

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