Sangappa Sankanagowda ne bayana Solar Sprayer on Wheels solar system

Solar Sprayer on Wheel – Useful machine for farmers


Mr. Sangappa Sankanagowda (29), an agripreneur was felicitated by the Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI) at Green summit 2014 organised at Bangalore. Sangappa won the first prize, a cash award of Rs 1.5 lakh, for his innovative ideas towards farm mechanisation.

The function was organised to recognise Indian leaders in the renewable energy sector and acknowledge their contributions. Sangappa won the first prize for his High-Clearance Solar Sprayer.

Sangappa says, “My passion towards agricultural equipment and machines made me try innovative ideas aimed at farm mechanisation. This passion resulted in the designing of this High- Clearance Solar Sprayer”, he says with a smile.

The overall dimensions of the ‘push’ type high-clearance solar sprayer are 1066×1066×1072 mm (L×W×H).

The width (854-1066 mm) and height (607-762 mm) of the sprayer are adjustable as per the requirements in the eld with reference to row spacing and plant height.

The height of the boom is also adjustable depending on the crop height. The spray angle can be changed by changing the direction of nozzle which is fitted over the boom and the spacing between the nozzles can also be adjusted as per the row spacing of the crop.

Due to its flexibility in operation, this sprayer can be used for spraying on almost all crops. The solar sprayer is lightweight and collapsible which makes transportation easy and is also easy to use. The wheels have tubeless tyres eliminating the chances of punctures.

A solar panel, DC battery, DC motor, and frames are some of the other parts of this sprayer. A person can singlehandedly operate the machine and also dismantle it.

The solar sprayer can be continuously used for seven hours if fully charged. During the day it can be used even if the solar panel is not charged. As an extra feature, a mobile phone charging point has been provided.

The maximum height of the machine is 10 feet, which is adjustable. The weight of the machine as such is 30 kg, which goes up to 55 kg when loaded with water. “I am also planning to modify the sprayer and reduce its weight by another 10 kg, for even more convenience to the farmer community”, says Mr. Sangappa.

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