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Profitable Piggery for All

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Mr. Dinesh Kumar Sagar (24), of village Bahapur Gangapur in Bilaspur district, Uttar Pradesh, found piggery more economical and feasible than any other livestock business. The profits are considerably good and quick compared to other livestock enterprises. Therefore, he decided to invest in this business.

A degree in agricultural sciences could not help him get employed for two years. During that time, he came across the advertisement for AC&ABC scheme in the local newspaper. Mr. Dinesh was fascinated by different bene ts of the scheme.

He applied and was selected at Jubilant Agriculture Rural Development Society (JARDS), Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh for the two-month free residential training program in 2013.

“I knew nothing about pig farming before the training, but felt this is the time to take a chance on something and dive deep into it”, says Mr. Dinesh. Before deciding to start a piggery, he did a thorough market survey and found that there was high demand for pork in the local market.

He immediately registered the rm with the name of “Dinesh Kumar Swan Farm”. The venture was started with a capital of Rs. 20 lakhs. He constructed pig pens by dividing a 450-sft area into 10 open compartments and two farrowing sheds. He also purchased two boars (male pigs) and 10 sows (female pigs) of ‘Long White Yorkshire’ breed.

Meanwhile, he submitted a detailed project report and eventually got the project sanctioned. A mature pig weighing about 100 kg gives 70% pork.

The market price is based on the live weight of pig i.e. ranging from Rs. 80 to Rs. 100 per kg. At present, Mr. Dinesh has 15 parent pigs, 35 piglets of varying age groups and about 39 pigs of marketable age.

‘Dinesh Kumar Swan Farm’ offers services such as pig breeding, training on piggery, consultancy on piggery project etc. So far, 75 farmers and rural youth from 10 villages have been trained in piggery and have started their individual units. The annual turnover of the farm is Rs.30 lakhs.

“Piggery in India remained neglected for long and was only restricted to certain sections of the society. However, in the present scenario, seeing the economic importance and with the introduction of new techniques for rearing and breeding of these animals, most of the progressive farmers and youth across the country have started pig farming.

Unemployed youth can earn their livelihood through piggery,” adds Mr. Dinesh.

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