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Booming profits through ‘Blooming Buds’

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Mr. Balbeer Singh Kamboj (47) from Nayagaon, Nainital, Uttarakhand grows gerberas, liliums gladioli and roses in playhouses, and supplies seeds, bulbs, cuttings and planting materials to farmers. He has established 14 polyhouses in 14 acres of land.

A polyhouse enables growing of crops throughout the year, irrespective of seasons; also, the yields are quite high – as much as four times compared to open- eld cultivation. During this time, he came across an advertisement relating to the AC & ABC training programme in a local daily highlighting the potential bene ts of being an agripreneur.

Balbeer later met the Nodal Officer of Jubilant Agriculture Rural Development Society (JARDS), Moradabad, and joined the training programme. During the market survey, as part of the training programme, he was impressed by a large ower market close to his district.

His further interactions with farmers, dealers and traders of floriculture highly motivated him and he decided to take up protective floriculture. With an initial investment of Rs. 5 lakh, he established first polyhouse for gerbera cultivation and registered his rm by under the name ‘Blooming Buds’.

He adds, “Within three to four months my owers started blooming and I earned a net income of around Rs. 20,000

per month”. After that, he gradually increased the area under protected cultivation to 13,000 sqm at his village. He also gives consultations to farmers about managing polyhouse and greenhouse fabrication, renovation, and repair. Over 300 farmers have

started protected cultivation under the supervision of Mr. Kamboj. He has recruited 21 skilled employees and the annual turnover of Blooming Buds is now over Rs. 80 lakh. Mr. Kamboj has also visited Holland, China, Hong Kong and Macau and has gained international exposure in protected cultivation.

He says, “Such exposure visits by entrepreneurs are very important in improving the knowledge base, gaining new information and getting motivated”.

He adds, “This is a good career option for rural youth as they don’t necessarily have to be highly qualified horticulturists.

Enthusiasm about the subject and some practical greenhouse experience is good enough for starters”.

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