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A Farmer with a Difference

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Mr. Dhan Prakash Sharma (46) from Shamli, Uttar Pradesh (UP), is a new- generation farmer with a difference. After completing his graduation in agriculture, unlike others of his ilk who scout for jobs in the government and other organised sectors, Dhan Prakash Sharma took to farming as his occupation.

Bubbling with enthusiasm and armed with the knowledge gained from his education, he wanted to bring about a transformative change in the farming sector. Dhan Prakash was not satisfied with routine work and wanted to further expand and diversify in the field of agriculture. He wanted to be an agripreneur.

In that pursuit, he underwent the two-month residential programme conducted by the Center for Agriculture and Rural Development (CARD), Muzaffarnagar, under the Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres scheme.

He says, “The training programme helped me in several ways; it brought about a marked change in my outlook, thanks to the resource persons who shared quality information during their lectures, improved my communication skills, gained insights into marketing and business networking and also provided me the avenue for subsidized bank loans”.

He then registered his rm Pashupathi Agri-tech, a startup manufacturing facility for low- cost farm machinery, and obtained a bank loan of Rs. 21.5 lakh from the Union Bank of India, Shamli branch, UP.

He started with the manufacture of the ‘Knapsack Sprayer’. It continues to be the single most important equipment used by small farmers for chemical applications in their fields. In a span of three months, Dhan Prakash earned a net pro t of Rs. 5.50 lakh by the sale of the knapsack sprayers.

Dhan Prakash says “My focus is on re-designing the sprayer and manufacturing battery-operated sprayers as well as to develop small, low-cost, energy-efficient machines like the solar dryer, seed drill, multipurpose sickles, planters etc.”

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