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Why you must join world’s biggest ‘Farmers’ Whatsapp Network’ that is going to add 10 million farmers on Whatsapp?

Hits: 2601 was started just to check the interest of people in agriculture field in 21st Century. And the response we got was so much overwhelming that we decided to launch it officially. Response from readers proved a myth wrong that people do not have now keen interest in agriculture.

Initially we were getting hundreds of questions in a month. Then it was thousands and now we use to get almost 1 lakh agri based queries in a month. More surprisingly, these questions are being asked either by those young employees who are working in corporate world or by those who are residing in villages or small town and they want to do new kind of farming like medicinal farming or contract farming.

It’s enough to understand that people are now again seriously thinking about making career in agriculture field and thousands of people have already done it successfully.

Keeping it in mind, last month we launched whatsapp service to bring positive and good news for farmers on their cell phones every day. Around 3 lalkh (3,00,000) farmers have already joined it from almost 24 countries and now we are working to add 10 million farmers on whatsapp which will be world’s biggest ‘Farmers’ Whatsapp Network’

 How to join ‘Farmers’ Whatsapp Network’

Options 1 – Its 100% free.

Save our whatsapp number +91-8130648381 in your cell phone and send following details to us.

  1. Your full name
  2. Country Name
  3. City Name
  4. Village Name
  5. Age
  6. Gender

Options 2 –

Make a whatsapp group of those people who are either into agriculture field or willing to make career in it. You be there as an admin and add our whatsapp number +91-8130648381 in that group. It will help to spread good agriculture information around your network. Through this, they will know about latest and advance techniques of farming. Around 80% members of ‘Farmer whatsapp Network’ have chosen option 2. Its 100% free.

 Do not do following things on our whatsapp number or group

  1. Do not call from ‘whatsapp calling’. It consumes your data which is costly than normal call charges and its voice is also not clear.
  2. If you call us, please call between 10am to 6pm only (Indian Standard Time – +5.30 GMT). You can drop message also on whatsapp
  3. We get thousands of messages every day. Therefore its not possible for us to reply to all messages immediately. Please have some patience. You will surely get reply. We are here to help you.
  4. Please do not ask any personal question


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