Gold is found in urine of cow

Surprising ! Gold is found in Urine of cow

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Now whenever cow urine is there (Geer breed only), just take it in a bottle because that urine would surely have some Gold. It’s not a joke. It is 100% true and now proven also. An Indian scientist and his team have proved it.

There was a research was done by scientists of Junagardh Agriculture University in India. Researchers’ team used to collect urines of 400 cows for 4 years daily. They found gold in urine of Geer breed only, but gold was not found in other breed’s cow.

Geer breed cow is available in Gujarat state of India only. These cows are costly as a healthy Geer breed cow gives 65 liter milk every day. With one cow, you can get gold of around USD 1000 in a year.

According to scientist of Junagardh Agriculture University, Vijay Vyas, 3 to 10 milligram gold can be found in 1 liter urine of Geer breed cow. When we found Gold in urine of Geer breed cow, we did testing with other breed cow’s urine, but we never found gold.

Earlier in India, there are 65 different breeds of cow, but now only 39 breeds are available.

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